nosotrosAnd what is it behind Julycatessen? If you are wondering that, let me explain it to you:

My name is Julene (basque name), but many people call me by my nickname: July, and it is combined with delicatessen, as my passion, that it is to find de best taste of everything. I was born in Bilbao, my favourite place on earth, on the late eighties. Bilbao is sometimes called “botxo”, which refers to its location that is in a catchment area surrounded by many mountains.

Since I was a child I have travelled with my family all over; my parents have initiated me in the desire to discover the world, in other words, to be a wanderlust. They also encouraged me to study English in England, and some summers I spent learning English in the south of the UK with local families; I took part in some summer camps in the English green countryside, and, luckily I had the great pleasure to be selected for a foreign exchange with the marvellous Stonyhurst college.

When it came to decide the field of study I had to choose, I did not doubt about that, I obviously studied Tourism with the aim of having the chance to enjoy my great passion, travelling all around the world. During the last year in university, I did take part in the Erasmus programme. Guess where I went…..I did some research and read about Finland, as the best country regarding education, therefore I decided to go there full of eagerness and willing to take the most of my first personal experience living abroad for a long period of time. Apart from confirming how good their education is, I used time wisely and travel to the neighbouring countries, Sweden and Norway.

During my spare time I watched the complete series of Sex and the city, and thanks to that I planned a wonderful trip to NYC which was memorable.

Once I finished my bachelor’s degree in Tourism and completing the professional practice in a legendary hotel in Bilbao, I wanted to give a try in travel agencies. Therefore I worked in a travel agency which I would define as “boutique”, and gave the me the chance to travel to Jamaica.

My following big step was widen my studies by pursuing a Postgraduate in Hotel Management in Switzerland, which is known as the best place to study hotel management. The school was located in Bluche, a small village in the middle of the Swiss Alps, kind of a fairy tale town, renowned for its white wines, wonderful cheese; as well as Crans Montane ski station.

Thanks to the location of Switzerland, it allowed me for visiting Italy, France and Monaco. The postgraduate gave me the unbeatable chance to making friends from all over the world, meet and work with multiple nationalities and enjoying incredible experiences.

After finishing in Switzerland, I went to China to be part of a Management Trainee programm while opening the hotel which was international branded in Shijiazhuang city, 300 km away from Beijing. And ¿why China? My postgraduate teachers recommended to me that it would be wonderful for my career to do an opening of an international hotel in China. Consequently, I spent one whole year there, that was a rollercoaster experience due to the difference in culture, way of thinking and living in a city with 10,7 millions of inhabitants.

I came back and settled in Bilbao, working again for the boutique travel agency. Once working there I have amazing opportunities to travel to Dubai, United States, Tanzania, Holland, Belgium, Sardinia, Portugal, Greece, Cuba, Mexico and Cayman Islands.

Nowadays I have on mind a very special trip to Bali that is kind of a dreamy place that I am planning with great affection and care. Once I find a great chance to travel with my love I will absolutely make the dream come true and explore Bali at its finest.

Lastly, I world like to use this opportunity to share my tour around the world, together with my other passions which are gastronomy and other issues that you will discover browsing this web that we create full of excitement.

Hoping you like, enjoy and get the most of it….


“Life is a magical journey, so travel endlessly to unfold its profound and heart touching beauty.”Debasish Mridha